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A female patient has followed Dr. Benjamin Newton from Boulder, CO to Philly and, now, to StemCell ARTS in McLean, VA. She receives PRP and Prolotherapy injections for low back issues, SI joints, and facets.  The patient reports that each time Dr. Newton has injected the affected area, she is virtually pain free within 24 hours and back to normal activities in just a couple of days.  After finishing her last procedure, the patient dealt with airport travel, including delays and sitting on the tarmac for 45 minutes prior to departing.  The patient took one pain reliever to get home and hasn’t had any since.  Not even Tylenol.  The patient explains, “I believe in the power of regenerative medicine and my hope is that many more people will know more about this very effective option in overcoming injuries or arthritis instead of life altering surgical intervention.”
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