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StemCell ARTS Patient Reviews

2 years ago
I went to StemCell ARTS with a cervical disk issue that was causing me significant lifestyle problems. Dr. Friedlis was able to quickly suggest a course of action and after 2 injections I am significantly better. And this is after 2 traditional steroid injections. I would highly recommend for anyone to consider this treatment for cervical disk problems.
Bill Davis
2 years ago
Dr. Friedlis has been taking great care of me for over 20 years and he works hard to stay on the cutting edge of the advancing science of pain management and treatment.
Janet Schiller
2 years ago
I was scheduled to undergo therapy for my injured ACL last week with Dr. Newton. During the procedure we made it to the contrast injection and discovered my ACL was in good condition (I had been doing physical therapy at Jackson's Clinic in Herndon). We decided the procedure was not needed and I was on my way feeling 100% after the soreness from the local anesthetic went away. I'm leaving the 5 star review because Dr Newton is a very professional doctor who is truly in it for the well being of his patients and not in it for the money. I know some offices would have proceeded in order to get the dollar. You can trust this clinic to look out for your best interest and not just see you as a money sign.
2 years ago
Dr. F is a trend setter and is sincerely passionate about stem cell replacement technology. He genuinely wants to achieve the best possible outcome for his patients, and it shows through his kind and methodical bedside manner. It’s only been a few weeks since my treatment but even at this stage of healing I’m already seeing steady progress. I’m excited to see what’s to come and I’m even considering coming back and having a different area treated at Stemcell Arts in the near future.
Nikkie M
3 years ago
You’re treated with utmost care and concern from the moment you walk in the door. Caring, highly skilled staff dedicated to getting you out of pain and on with your life!
Maria Chilcote
4 years ago
When I came to see Dr Wagner last January I was in serious 24/7 pain. Previously, I had 3 back surgeries and 15-20 Cortisone shots and was unable to walk more than 50 feet due to the pain. He was very honest about the prognosis, and 4 PRP treatments and 15 months later I am pain free, can walk 10-12 miles, and lift up to 125 lbs. Stem Cell Arts, and Dr. Wagner in particular, should be the first doctor(s) you see if you have chronic pain.
David Borean
4 years ago
Stem cells are the future treatment for medical conditions.
Richard Jones
4 years ago
Dr. Friedlis has been taking care of me for chronic joint problems since 1999, before some of the current treatments were developed. He has always taken great care of me, first with prolotherapy, and later with PRP. He is a thoughtful person who is always looking for new ways to improve his care. When I first met him, I had a lot of pain and was walking with difficulty. Now I have a normal life, and have even participated in a number of distance walking, running, and cycling events. His treatments usually last me between 2 and 3 years. I don't know where I'd be without him.
Janet Schiller
5 years ago
Fantastic experience with Stem Cell treatment for my right knee. Dr. Wagner and his team are compassionate, knowledgeable, and clearly professional in their medical expertise. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for leading edge technology versus surgical procedures.
Brenda Blisk
5 years ago
Dr. Frieda’s is the best. He is the best with such a caring personality. The best part is his process is helping my wife.
Jeffrey Thomas
5 years ago
I had a consultation today with Dr. F. I found the staff, PA, and doctor VERY nice, helpful, and professional. I was very happy with the experience! The consultation is covered by insurance; however, the procedures are not at present. Overall, a FULL 5 stars!!!
Daniela Dd
5 years ago
I did a consult with Dr.Wagner. He was great. I had a list of 20 questions and he took the time to answer them all. He was honest about the results. Facility was state of the art.
James Handlon
5 years ago
Dr Wagner and his Team have been amazing in helping me with my crippled right arm and right knee. The inside of my elbow and flexor muscles were providing me extreme daily pain for years and became immobile. My knee was needing to be replaced one day. Their treatments, empathy, intelligence and compassion has helped me through this major life struggle. I’m still in their care as I heal and continue to be impressed with the entire Office Team and highly recommend.
Kim Barber
6 years ago
I can not speak highly enough about the amazing care Dr Freidlis and his team provided to me for my shoulder stem cell injections. Thorough, professional, with very relevant rehab guidelines for a fitness enthusiast like me. I highly recommend this practice.
George Lakkas
6 years ago
This has changed my life for ever. As difficult as it has been - the improvements have changed my life where I can finally feel better without medication.
Lizzy Cascalheira-thomas
6 years ago
I worked with Dr. Newton and his staff. Each part of the procedure was explained in detailed. The procedures were done with utmost consideration to being delivered painlessly. I do have pain today, which was expected and it is manageable. I am very excited to use stem cell therapy and have the privilege of not going under the knife for typical response to my condition which would result in a total knee replacement.
Lisa Moore
7 years ago
Dr, Dade and staff are the best I have had the pleasure of working on my health issues..........................
Jim Loynd