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Fish Oil Benefits

We have all seen the uptake in popularity for the use of fish oil. It is being touted as the natural cure-all for some ailments. According to clinics trials from the American Heart Association, it has been shown to reduce the instances of cardiovascular diseases because it is packed with Omega-3s. It has also been known to aid in weight-loss, improve immunity, and most importantly to us: help with arthritis pain, especially in women!

Arthritis vs. Fish Oil

We have previously boasted about the healing benefits of fish oil in our previous blog post . Since its Women’s Health Month, we decided to revisit this universal supplement and its effect on women. A recent preliminary survey of approximately 30,000 women asked them about their eating habits, including supplement and vitamin intake. There was an obvious correlation between women who took fish oil and lower instances of arthritis. While diet and exercise plays a big factor as well, this study puts fish oil in a positive light. As with all medical decisions, please consult with your physician before adding vitamins and supplements to your diet.

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