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You may have seen some headlines last month about several people who acquired infections that required hospitalization, infections that were believed to come from stem cell injections they received from umbilical cord blood.

This is not the first time that stem cell products from rogue clinics have been in the news. In May 2018, federal officials closed clinics in California and Florida that were offering unproven stem cell therapies that had not undergone standard, regulated clinical trials.

As is often the case, the bad guys grab the headlines while the experienced physicians of Stem Cell Arts continue to lead the field by authoring research presentations, publications and other academic work designed to promote greater understanding and advancements in this highly specialized area of orthopedic medicine.

Stem Cell Arts physicians are trained and licensed to perform the Regenexx® family of stem cell and platelet rich plasma procedures. Regenexx® Stem Cell therapy is the world’s most advanced and uses the highest concentration of healing adult stem cells from your own body to address the chronic pain and inflammation from conditions such as arthritis, herniated back discs, tendon tears or joint injuries.

Many people are unaware that adult stem cells can be harvested and do not raise ethical or moral concerns. These cells can come from the body’s bone marrow as well as from body fat that contains mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that contain high levels of restorative properties. The Regenexx® Stem Cell procedure extracts your own stem cells, concentrates these cells at the highest level possible and reinjects them into the injured area to boost your body’s ability to heal naturally.

The entire treatment is conducted in our sterile, state-of-the-art office procedure suites and takes only a few hours. A few days after the initial injection, you will return for a follow-up injection of platelets from your own body that will stimulate the stem cell repair process. Unlike invasive forms of surgery, Renenexx® Stem Cell and Platelet Rich Plasma procedures do not require a lengthy recovery time or the need for intensive rehab.

If you are considering stem cell therapy, don’t let the headlines scare you. Do, however, make sure you carefully investigate the clinics offering the treatment. We are confident that if you do that, you’ll discover that Stem Cell Arts offers the expertise, quality control and outcomes that make us a national leader in this non-surgical option for orthopedic conditions. Contact us today.