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Dr. Benjamin Newton Talks Pain!


Treating Why You Hurt, Not Just What Hurts

Remember that song from your kindergarten days, “The foot bone’s connected to the shin bone; the shin bone’s connected to the thigh bone; the thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone…”

The idea was simple: lots of different parts work together to help us walk, dance, jump, etc. Yet for too long, the field of pain medicine has centered on the idea that doctors should focus on identifying and treating one particular cause of a patient’s pain—a disc, a joint, a nerve.

But if we truly accept that the different body parts work together, then why should we simply focus on one source of pain? We know that the 24 vertebrae of the spine (neck, upper back, and lower back) act as one. We call that the functional spinal unit (FSU). We also know that the FSU is part of an even larger musculoskeletal system that involves muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues.

We have learned that for most patients, looking at the entirety of the FSU and its related muscles and tendons beats just treating one part. It enables us to determine why our patients hurt so we can begin to treat the underlying issues that create pain rather than just treating the pain itself. Our regenerative stem cell and platelet rich plasma therapies use the patient’s own healing factors to speed the repair of tissue damage that is often the root cause of pain.

The pain medicine specialists of Stem Cell Arts, an affiliate of National Spine & Pain Centers, Cellandare trained and licensed to perform the Regenexx® Family oCell and stem Platelet procedures. They provide unparalleled expertise in stem cell and platelet-rich plasma therapy for orthopedic injuries and remain unrivaled in research presentations, publications, and academic achievements.

So stop settling for pain care that only treats what hurts. Let us address why you hurt so you can achieve long-term healing and pain relief. Call us today.