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Platelet Lysate for Pinched Nerves & Spinal Disc Pain

Platelet Lysate: A New Treatment for Pinched Nerves and Painful Spinal Discs

What is Platelet Lysate?


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Platelets naturally release their growth factors slowly and in a timed-release manner to assist healing. However, there are times when a physician needs all growth factors contained in platelets to be immediately available to the area to prompt faster healing. Additionally, there are areas of the body where using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) may cause too much inflammation. Platelet Lysate is then created as a solution by cracking open these platelets to allow all of the growth factors to be immediately released into the body.

Platelet Lysate for Disc Related Problems


The Regenexx® Platelet Lysate Procedure is a non-surgical treatment developed to help patients avoid lower back surgery and high dose epidural steroid side effects. The procedure utilizes the patient’s own natural growth factors to treat bulging lumbar disc and herniated lumbar disc related problems.

This minimally invasive advanced platelet injection procedure may offer relief from lower back pain, buttock and leg pain, or numbness and tingling in the legs or feet. Platelet Lysate Procedures are out-patient injection procedures where patients can return to activity as tolerated following their procedure.

Infographic: Platelet Lysate vs. Epidural Steroids Injections