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Don’t be fooled by some of the ads you see today for “stem cell” therapy. Many of these so-called “experts” are peddling poor quality and/or inadequate quantities of stem cells in their injections, which means that their “treatments” offer little or no hope of bringing about the magic cures they promise.

As leaders in the field of regenerative medicine with scores of clinical research and satisfied patients who attest to our success, the physicians of Stem Cell Arts know that in order for the therapy to be effective, stem cells need to be alive. That is why we harvest healthy, living stem cells from your own bone marrow to use in your treatment. We do not use amniotic and cord tissue products. Aside from presenting moral or ethical issues for some patients, these products do not provide the living stem cells needed for healing.

To ensure we get the highest quantity of quality stem cells, we generally take small amounts from many areas of your body. Some orthopedic surgeons only aspirate from the knee because it is easy and convenient. But the knee has fewer stem cells than the pelvis. We take the time to extract cells from several areas to ensure we have created the greatest opportunity for successful treatment.

Once we have finished gathering the stem cells, our on-site lab enables us to concentrate—and count—the number of cells in every sample. This is significantly different from other practices that use bedside centrifuge machines to collect bone marrow. These machines are less sophisticated than our technology which is why they tend to be very inefficient at concentrating bone marrow cells.

We also have guidelines that tell us how many cells should be injected based on the procedure we are performing. We can follow these guidelines with confidence because our technology tells us how many cells are in each dose we administer. Practices that use bedside centrifuge machines have no idea how many cells they’re delivering, which means they do not know if the dose they are giving has enough living cells to be effective.

From beginning to end, the Regenexx® Stem Cell procedure we offer at Stem Cell Arts provides our patients with the best chance for successful healing. We harvest the best living cells your own bone marrow has to offer and then take pains to know how many cells we can and should dose to support your recovery. We do not employ a one-size-fits-all process.

The moral of this story is that quality and quantity do matter. At Stem Cell Arts, we take great pains to try to alleviate your pain.

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