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Billing Questions

Questions about your bill?
Talk to one of StemCell ARTS Billing Representatives. Please call us at 703-738-4381.
Payment methods
StemCell ARTS accepts checks, and the following credit cards:  Visa, Discover, and MasterCard. We do not accept cash payments for medical services or co-payments.  If you need to contact our billing department, please call 1-866-263-8525.
Who is Physical Medicine Associates and why are they listed on my billing statements?
It is StemCell ARTS formal billing name.
Where can I pay?
In Person:
At one of our convenient locations.
By Mail:
Send a personal check to our lockbox address, StemCell ARTS, PO Box 713666, Cincinnati, OH 45271-3666.
Financial Policy
We are committed to providing our patients with the highest level of service from the initial office visit all the way through the billing process. We recognize that insurance matters are often complicated and will assist where possible. We expect the patient to provide accurate and up-to-date information regarding their insurance. We file the insurance claims as a courtesy to the patient. However, any and all financial liability ultimately rests with the patient. If the claim is denied for eligibility, even after StemCell ARTS has called for eligibility, the patient is responsible for payment of services rendered.
According to insurance contracts, the patient is obligated to pay all deductibles, coinsurance and co-payments due at the time of service. Any non-covered services should also be paid at the time of service. You may pay your co-payment or non-covered service by check, debit, or credit card (MasterCard or Visa) at the time of your appointment. We do not accept cash.
If your insurance plan requires a referral, the referral must be provided before seeing the physician. If you do not have the required referral, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule your appointment. It is the patient’s responsibility to know whether or not a referral is required by your insurance plan and to provide the referral to us. If the claim is denied, the patient is responsible for payment of services rendered.
We appreciate prompt payment in full for any outstanding balance. An account balance outstanding more than thirty (30) days is considered delinquent. If unresolved after sixty (60) days your account may be turned over to our accounts resolution department for collection.
We want to help you meet your financial responsibility without undue hardship. Please speak with our billing department at 1-866-263-8525 if you have a question and to keep your account in good standing.

StemCell ARTS participates with most insurance carriers. As a courtesy, we will contact your insurance carrier to confirm coverage and obtain an estimate of their payment for your treatment.
We are happy to help you receive the maximum allowable insurance benefits and will file your claim form(s) for you. If your insurance carrier fails to process your claim within 45 days from the date of service, the balance is considered your responsibility. If an insurance problem occurs, we will appreciate your help in contacting your insurance carrier.
Please be aware that some insurance companies pay fixed allowances for each procedure/service, while others pay a percentage of the costs. Prompt payment for our treatments allows us to control costs, which ultimately keeps our fees to a minimum. Patients with a standard co-payment and those whose co-insurance is based upon a percentage of the total charge should plan to pay their co-pays or estimated percentage at the time of service. If you have a deductible that has not been met, please plan to pay your deductible at the time of service.
In the event that you are seen at your own request without the proper referral/authorization required by your insurance carrier, you will be responsible for payment of all fees at the time of service. We will file a claim with your insurance carrier and reimburse you if they subsequently cover the service and issue payment to us. We ask that you assist in resolving any dispute with your insurance carrier regarding your policy guidelines and regulations.