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In medicine, we always say that early diagnosis and treatment is the best way to support successful healing and recovery.

That is usually true for patients suffering from joint arthritis. But here’s some good news for those with severe, advanced knee arthritis: research reveals that even in advanced stages of the disease, the knee can respond well to our Regenexx-SD same day bone marrow based stem cell procedure. In fact, based on 14 years of data collection, we know that patients with severe arthritis who have the procedure do as well as those with mild arthritis.

A recent study by the Regenexx Science Team showed that moderate to severe knee arthritis patients, some of whom were knee replacement candidates, did very well with the procedure. Seventy percent reported more than 50 percent improvement at six months and a year out from the procedure. This supports the data we have collected that shows that the severity of knee arthritis just doesn’t matter when it comes to our Regenexx-SD procedure.

This is remarkable, considering that steroid shots, hyaluronic acid gel injections and microfracture or other cartilage repair surgery are less effective if the arthritis is severe. The same is true for platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy. If administered early while the arthritis is still mild, PRP can bring relief that can last for a year or two. But if used in patients with severe arthritis, the relief generally lasts only weeks to months.

If you know someone who is suffering from debilitating knee arthritis and fears that joint replacement surgery is their only remaining option, please have them contact us. We welcome the opportunity to help them find non-surgical pain relief.