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Nutrition & Healing

Healthy bones and tissue are solely successful with regenerative therapy. In order to perpetuate a healthy, healing body, it’s important to take care of you as a whole person. This may mean making a few dietary adjustments to ensure optimal healing occurs.

StemCell ARTS now offers an adaptable, achievable, and successful weight loss regimen that works specifically for patients experiencing chronic pain.
Weight Loss 5×5® Development and Implementation 
Backed by over 15 years of expert research and proven approaches to wellness, the Weight Loss 5×5® program provides its patients with a personalized, medically monitored weight management program based on five steps, for five weeks at a time.

Weight Loss 5×5® Expectations and Approach

Weight Loss 5×5® participants are expected to meet regularly with a certified physician and trained coach to learn how to successfully set goals and manage weight loss expectations, as well as other variables that impact a person’s weight. From menu planning and portion control and sleep to stress relievers, Weight Loss 5×5® takes a whole person approach to the next level and aims to achieve not only a pain-free lifestyle, but a healthy and happy one, too.

Weight Loss 5×5® was formulated to maintain lean body mass and reduce body fat. There are no pre-packaged meals, unapproved pills, or extreme and unappealing diet requirements or restrictions. It’s simply a healthy way to lose weight for those who experience restrictive movement due to pain.

Why Weight Loss 5×5® Works

Research has proven weight loss is more easily achieved and sustained in a structured, medically supervised program that creates accountability in a mutually supportive environment. This means you have a better chance of reaching your goal with the program than without it, and ultimately a greater chance at being pain-free, permanently.

Video – Dr. Friedlis Discusses Sugar Intake and Health Implications on MYFOX5DC

Increasing your sugar may have a bad effect on your health. Dr. Mayo Friedlis, with National Spine and Pain Centers and Stemcell ARTS, joined MYFOX5DC with advice on managing one’s sugar intake and the long-term effect of sugar on one’s joints. Originally aired Thursday, August 15, 2013 on MYFOX5DC.

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