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Fat chance—that’s what you are taking if you seek stem cell therapy from some of the so-called doctors and clinics that are offering fat grafts and marketing them as a stem cell procedure.

That’s because there is a huge difference between a genuine fat stem cell treatment and a fat graft. A fat graft is merely fat that was harvested during liposuction and then centrifuged into separate layers. Once the fat is taken from this mix, it’s called a fat graft. Although this fat graft has stem cells, they are trapped inside collagen and die before they can contribute to healing.

At Stem Cell Arts, we employ the Regenexx® family of stem cell and platelet rich plasma procedures. Regenexx® Stem Cell therapy is the world’s most advanced and uses the highest concentration of healing adult stem cells from your own body to address the chronic pain and inflammation from conditions such as arthritis, herniated back discs, tendon tears, or joint injuries.

We harvest adult stem cells from your own bone marrow as well as from body fat that contains mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that contain high levels of restorative properties. Unlike fat grafts, Regenexx® Stem Cell procedures free the fat cells from collagen and concentrate these cells at the highest level possible. We then re-inject them into your injured area to boost your body’s ability to heal itself naturally.

If you are in pain and have considered stem cell therapy, you should know that our orthopedic specialists have more stem cell orthopedics experience than any other clinic in the country. Stem Cell Arts physicians are recognized leaders in orthopedic stem cell therapy research presentations, publications and academic achievements. This is what we do—and the only thing we do. Don’t take a chance—a fat chance—on your treatment. Contact us today.