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A 14-member panel of practicing physicians, scientists and regulatory experts representing some of the nation’s most respected universities and medical centers recently weighed in on the dubious marketing of various birth tissue products as safe and effective “stem cell therapy” even though these claims are not supported by existing scientific literature.

The consensus panel cited aggressive advertising and sales tactics by alternative health clinics (chiropractors, naturopaths and acupuncturists) as well as physicians and mid-level providers to market non-viable birth tissues as live “stem cell” products to cure chronic disease.

Using full-page newspaper ads and seminars, these products are being pitched to patients desperate for effective treatment. Their sales materials cite clinical data that purports to endorse the safety and efficacy of these products, even though no such clinical evidence exists. Sadly, many patients spend thousands of dollars on these bogus therapies.

Investigations into the content of commercially available amniotic and cord blood products sold by FDA-registered manufacturers currently indicate that these products do not contain live or functional stem cells. In addition, the growth factor levels in these products were significantly lower than those found in orthobiologic products like platelet-rich plasma.

The experienced physicians of StemCell ARTS are trained and licensed to perform the Regenexx® family of stem cell and platelet rich plasma procedures. Regenexx® Stem Cell therapy is the world’s most advanced and uses the highest concentration of healing adult stem cells from a patient’s own body to address the chronic pain and inflammation from conditions such as arthritis, herniated back discs, tendon tears or joint injuries.

Many people are unaware that adult stem cells can be harvested and do not raise ethical or moral concerns. These cells can come from the body’s bone marrow as well as from body fat that contains mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that contain high levels of restorative properties. The Regenexx® Stem Cell procedure extracts your own stem cells, concentrates these cells at the highest level possible and reinjects them into the injured area to boost your body’s ability to heal naturally.

Stem Cell Arts physicians continually author researchpresentations, publications and other academic work designed to promote greater understanding and advancements in this highly specialized area of orthopedic medicine. “We strongly encourage anyone considering regenerative treatment to do their homework,” said StemCell Arts physician Rodney Dade, M.D. “If ever there was a case of ‘buyer beware,’ this is it. There are many unscrupulous clinics out there that are making promises they cannot fulfill. Our expertise, quality control and outcomes are the reasons Stem Cell Arts is recognized as a national leader in regenerative therapies for orthopedic conditions.”