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Kimberly Doehnert

kim_doehnert“I was back in the gym within the first month. Over time, the treatments fully healed my shoulders and knees, and allowed me to live my life again”
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Judge Thomas Moore


“I will continue to come back here because this is the only thing that allowed me to have my life back.”
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  • dr_ben_newton

    Dr. Benjamin Newton Goes “LIVE” to Discuss the Hand and Wrist

    STEMCELL ARTS AND FACEBOOK LIVE As regenerative therapies gain more popularity, StemCell ARTS is aware that many people have numerous questions regarding these new treatment options. That is why StemCell ARTS is excited to utilize Facebook Live to help provide…read more

  • Mature man opening jar of candies, mid section (focus on hands)

    Treating Hand Arthritis with Stem Cells – Outcome Data

    HAND ARTHRITIS Hands are used frequently in most daily activities. As a result, the pain and discomfort caused by arthritis of the hand can negatively impact how people go through daily life. Since hands are used so often, the constant…read more

  • trigger-finger-surgery

    Avoiding Hand Surgery the Regenexx Way!

    Common Hand Problems and Treatments Small joints, such as the ones found in the hands, are often more difficult to treat because of the small spaces that the physicians have to work within. Patients with common hand problems, such as trigger…read more

  • Hands Are For Holding- Unless They Hurt!

    Common Causes of Hand Pain In honor of Valentine’s Month, we at StemCell ARTS want to get patients back to being able to use their hands! Though considered to be a smaller joint, those who have conditions that impact the use of…read more

  • Facebook-Live-border-resize

    StemCell ARTS Goes LIVE! to Discuss Spinal Pain

    Thursday, January 26, StemCell ARTS tested Facebook’s feature, “Facebook Live”, and Dr. Friedlis went live for the first time! If you were unable to catch the live video, hear what Dr. Friedlis had to say by clicking the link, below. In the video, Dr.…read more