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Treatment: Stem Cells Left Knee


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In 2010 Mr. Norman Nicholson started experiencing problems with his left knee.  When these problems began to interfere with his passion for physical fitness and outdoor sports, Mr. Nicholson decided to seek out medical counsel.  Mr. Nicholson tried physical therapy and arthroscopic surgery, but it became clear that he was not going to achieve the results he desired with these traditional methods.
Mr. Nicholson heard about StemCell ARTS and the work they were doing.  He “researched the protocol and decided I had no choice but to try it.”  Mr. Nicholson pursued stem cells to his left knee using a process that was utilized by StemCell ARTS prior to adopting the Regenexx method of processing.  During his consultation, the physician examined Mr. Nicholson’s knee thoroughly.  Mr. Nicholson was concerned that his age would be a factor in the outcome of the procedure.  This physician assured him that his age would not affect Mr. Nicholson’s probability for success.
These days, Mr. Nicholson is back to exercising one hour per day and feels as if he has the knee of someone 30 years younger.  Just a few months following his stem cell procedure, Mr. Nicholson took a trip to upstate New York where he spent “four days in a row cross country skiing for about 3-4 hours with no trouble at all.  So I am sold!”
Pleased with his results, Mr. Nicholson pursued further regenerative treatment at StemCell ARTS, including Prolotherapy to his shoulder and touch-up PRP injections to his knee prior to his cross-country skiing trips.