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Treatment: Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma, and Platelet Lysate / Lumbar Spine & Pelvis

In her 20’s, Lisa Ignosci loved the outdoors: hiking, camping, white water rafting. She was an ambitious employee of a document storage company.  She threw herself into her position at this fast-growing company. She did not mind that her job was physically rigorous—daily lifting and moving boxes of medical files. One day, Lisa “lifted and twisted” a box of medical files. She vividly recalls trying to maintain her professional composure, but instead, crumpled to the office floor and nearly lost consciousness from the pain. Waving off her superiors to seek immediate medical attention, she went home early to rest.

“I don’t know how I got home,” she says. “The next morning, I woke to a grapefruit size swelling on the base of my spine. I knew I was in real trouble,” Lisa says.

After several months of traditional medical consultations, treatments and physical therapy, Lisa still found no relief. She was constantly experiencing debilitating pain and was told that she would not be able to bear any children.  Her father sternly encouraged her not to resort to back surgery at such a young age, as he had undergone a spinal fusion and it had only partially relieved his pain. She listened and started online research. Feeling frustrated by her course of treatment and dismissed by her doctors, Lisa made call after call and was finally referred by another physician to a StemCell ARTS physician.

Lisa’s StemCell ARTS physician diagnosed “pelvic instability”—a condition where the hip ligaments become too lax and patients feel like their hips “go out”. She began a tailored course regenerative therapies and treatments and exercises designed to stabilize her hip and sacroiliac joints (SI).

“Finally, my doctor understood”, Lisa says. “Not only did he empathize with me, he also knew how to accurately diagnose and treat my condition successfully. I am in my 40’s now and we have been “partners” in my care for almost two decades now,” says the grateful patient.

Over time, Lisa’s life was restored to where she could function again. Finally, her pain and discomfort was greatly improved. A few years later, she got married, bore two children, and now lives the life of a busy “baseball mom.”

“I feel that every day is a “win”,” she declares. “This is my “go to” practice for relieving my pain. They are like family to me,” she states. “I refer family and friends to StemCell ARTS if there is ever a need.”

Note: Any case reports or patient results presented on this website are not indicative of all patient results. Like any medical procedure, all Regenexx procedures have a success and failure rate.


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