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Treatment: Stem Cells / Right Shoulder

As a lifelong competitive athlete, Ken Moss’s bio is an enviable one.

Track Coach, Heritage High School, 2010 thru present

USA Track and Field Championships, 2009 thru 2015
Various National Masters Titles and records in the Shotput, Discus, Hammer Throw, Weight Throw, Superweight Throw

Member of All Marine Track and Field Team, 1970 and 1971

Member of All Interservice Track and Field Team, 1971

Member of US Olympic Training Camp, 1971

Member of U.S. Marine Corps Track and Field Team, 1970 and 1971

New York University, Captain, Track and Field Team, 1968

When Ken developed constant pain that was impacting his sleep, he decided to visit a surgeon and a sports medicine physician. The resulting diagnosis was a loss of cartilage and arthritis. Ken was told that nothing could be done short of shoulder replacement surgery. He was subsequently told by an acupuncturist that, while he could help relieve some of the pain, Ken would no longer be able to use his shoulder in a strenuous way. Since retiring five years earlier, Ken’s life had been centered around physical activities; High school track coach, football referee, but most importantly to Ken, “I compete at the national level in US Masters Track and Field throwing the hammer and the weight”.

Training for competition requires heavy power weight lifting. Ken reports that a year ago, things had gotten so bad with his shoulder that “I could not even grip the bar”. That’s when he found Stem Cell ARTS.

Ken’s doctor diagnosed not only the arthritis and cartilage loss that other doctors had observed but also a slight tear. Ken received stem cell therapy on his shoulder just about a year ago.

“Yesterday I deadlifted 455 lbs and quarter deadlifted 600 lbs with no pain” Ken states. “I did not even use straps to grip the bar”.

That’s a pretty substantial improvement and Ken Moss is happy to be returning to competition.

Ken adds, “I just hope my wife doesn’t see this … I tell her I still can’t do the dishes because of my shoulder.”

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