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Kellyn Kusyk

Treatment: Stem Cells / Left Knee ACL Tear

kellynSeventeen year old Kellyn Kusyk has played lacrosse since the age of four. Nearing the end of her high school athletic career, she was accepted to Yale University, where the plan was to continue competitive lacrosse. An injury sustained during a game threatened Kellyn’s sports career aspirations.
Seeing Kellyn fall to the field clutching her knee, her mother, Dr. Casey Kerrigan, knew this injury was different. As a Harvard educated physician with a specialty in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Dr. Kerrigan knew that the “popping noise” she and Kellyn had both heard was an ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tear in the knee. Kellyn recalls, “The day I was injured on the field, I was really dejected because I was certain that I had just killed my future as a lacrosse player.”
A PMR doctor, Dr. Kerrigan was aware of the risks associated with ACL repair surgeries and wanted to avoid surgical intervention, if possible. She knew that it is difficult to completely repair the ACL back to its original integrity. Another major drawback was the downtime and rehabilitation that would follow surgery. Kellyn was in agreement with her mother’s wishes, “I didn’t want the surgery because I had seen other lacrosse teammates who had gone through the same ACL reattachment surgery and they never really returned to the players they had formerly been. I wanted my own ligament back!”

Hoping for a non-surgical solution, both Dr. Kerrigan and Kellyn decided to look into alternative options. Dr. Kerrigan set up a phone review with the regenerative physician at StemCell ARTS, to review her daughter’s condition and determine whether or not making the trip for treatment would be worthwhile.  Following the phone review, they travelled from Charlottesville, VA, to see the physicians at StemCell Arts in Northern Virginia. Following Kellyn’s physical consult, she began her first stem cell series of injections to treat her left knee ACL tear.
Kellyn explains, “The entire process was as painless as it could possibly be! About four weeks later, I got out of bed one morning and noticed a difference! I immediately messaged my mom. I felt as though I went from zero to 100 and, for the first time in a month, I felt like I had my knee back!” Kellyn and Dr. Kerrigan were thrilled and, once again, entertained the hope that there was a chance the sports protégé might be able to play competitive lacrosse while attending Yale University.
Dr. Casey Kerrigan was so impressed with the successful results of Kellyn’s Stem Cell Therapy that she advises, “I have spoken with several of my colleagues and we are all in agreement that Regenerative Therapies, as opposed to surgery, are going to pioneer methodologies that change the way we treat orthopedic injuries in the future.”
Approximately 8 months after the first stem cell series, Kellyn underwent a second set of injections to ensure that she was in peak condition as she prepared for her career as a collegiate athlete.

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