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In 2011, Ms. Sibley began experiencing pain in her low back and left knee after she slipped on the back steps of her house, hitting her low back on the brick steps. The fall resulted in low back pain and nerve pain that radiated down her legs, a condition referred to as radiculopathy. Ms. Sibley underwent cortisone injections at National Spine and Pain Centers. This improved her pain until a car accident in 2013 exacerbated her condition.
After two years of traditional treatments, Ms. Sibley was not recovering as well as she had hoped. She states, “I was in so much pain. I was desperate.” Her physician at National Spine and Pain Centers recommended that she visit his colleagues at StemCell ARTS to see if there was anything they could do to help alleviate her pain.
The physician at StemCell ARTS provided a comprehensive exam and recommended viscosupplementation for her left knee and Platelet Lysate to treat her low back pain and nerve radiculopathy. Ms. Sibley underwent two Platelet Lysate sessions for her low back and was extremely pleased with her results. She explains, “After the relief I felt from the first Platelet Lysate treatment, I realized just how much pain I was previously tolerating.”
A fall in late 2015 caused her left knee pain to increase. She tried bracing and pain medications, with minimal results. Ms. Sibely was looking to avoid any surgical intervention. Having achieved such positive results from her Platelet Lysate injections, she reached out to StemCell ARTS, again, for help. Ms. Sibley proceeded with the Stem Cell series of injections for her left knee in January 2016 and is hoping for the best. “I highly recommend this practice. They understand pain and, as a result, patients receive the best, cutting edge treatments available. These are the best doctors in their field.”
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