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Treatment: Stem Cell Series and Prolotherapy / Bilateral Knees


After suffering a tear in her meniscus, Deborah Scott experienced continuous, dull pain in both of her knees for about 10 years. As the pain started to worsen, it seemed like an appropriate time to seek out medical counsel.

Ms. Scott received temporary relief through cortisone and Orthovisc injections; however, she was looking for a long-term solution. She visited at least five different orthopedic doctors in different states. Each time, she was told that she was “bone-on-bone” and would require bilateral total knee replacements. Without someone nearby to help her through the recovery process of replacement surgeries and concerned about the cost associated with surgery, Ms. Scott decided to research non-surgical alternatives. “I didn’t want the excruciating process for one knee replacement surgery, recover, and then do the other one. I’d subject myself to a long recovery process with all the PT and medical bills. I’d be filing for bankruptcy.”

While reading an in-flight magazine, Ms. Scott was first introduced to stem cell therapy. After asking around and doing research, she decided to pursue an evaluation. Upon completion of her move to Virginia, Ms. Scott Googled “stem cell therapy” in the area and up popped StemCell ARTS.

During the initial consultation, the physician took the time to gather her entire medical history and perform a thorough examination of the area. The physician “proceeded slowly and I appreciated that.” After a lot of reading and speaking with the StemCell ARTS physician and staff, Ms. Scott was ready to move forward with treatment. “I went to the Northern Virginia office for the treatment. It was easy. I was ready for everything and they were wonderful. That was a few months ago. Today, I can sleep without my legs feeling like they’re on fire. I’m not broke and recovery time was so much faster.”

Five months after the stem cell series, Ms. Scott took a brief vacation to Florida. For the first time in more than two years, she was able to walk on the beach. “I used to walk and run on the beach all the time, and now that’s going to happen again! I was able to bend down and pick up shells. Next time I go in for an appointment, I’m bringing the doctor a shell I picked up from the beach.”

Ms. Scott reflects, “I’m very grateful that this treatment is being made available to folks who are under the belief that their only option is to stay in pain and wait until they’re old enough for knee replacement surgery. I really believe in the work they’re doing at StemCell ARTS and it’s my privilege to let others know of the great work and patient care at StemCell ARTS.”

Note: Any case reports or patient results presented on this website are not indicative of all patient results.  Like any medical procedure, all Regenexx procedures have a success and failure rate.

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