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Treatment: Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) / Hands

An accomplished and talented musician, Bo Cook relies on his hands to play guitar.  Three years ago, overuse and pain forced Bo to seek medical care.  He saw Orthopedists who administered cortisone injections and prescribed a regimen of Physical Therapy.  While this treatment initially resulted in pain relief, the pain soon returned, significantly impacting Bo’s ability to play guitar.  A friend, and fellow musician, recommended Regenerative therapies.
From his first consultation visit, Bo felt a difference in the way he was treated.  “I noticed a sense of care and concern for my pain.  They took the time to examine me thoroughly and listen to me.  I left the office with confidence in their knowledge of my condition and a game plan to treat it.”
Bo familiarized himself with two of the procedures offered at StemCell ARTS: Platelet Rich Plasma and Prolotherapy.  The goal of these two procedures is to stimulate tissue growth and initiate regeneration of tissues.  Bo agreed with the physician’s recommendations and began a treatment plan that would finally help mitigate Bo’s pain.
Bo is finally able to play his guitar again, without the constant pain that threatened one of the most important parts of his life.  “I was amazed at the healing relief of my treatments and I can play my instrument again with joy and passion.  My experience has been nothing but positive, I recommend Regenerative therapies as a resource for your pain, too.”
Bo Cook
Note: Any case reports or patient results presented on this web-site are not indicative of all patient results. Like any medical procedure, all Regenexx procedures have a success and failure rate.