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Many patients with chronic pain have difficulty maintaining their ideal body weight due to the restrictions that pain imposes on exercise tolerance. Now there’s help! National Spine & Pain Centers is pleased to announce the launch of Weight Loss 5×5®, a personalized, medically-monitored weight management program based on five steps, five weeks at a time.

5×5 Patients meet regularly with one of our physicians and a trained coach to learn how to successfully set goals and manage weight loss expectations as well as the elements of life that can impact weight — from menu planning and nutrition, to sleep, stress and exercise habits, to maintaining blood sugar levels. There are no pre-packaged meal replacements, diet pills, extreme calorie restrictions or injections.
“The 5X5 program is specially designed for patients in pain who need to lose weight, but can’t move they way need to burn calories,” states Mayo Friedlis, MD. “The program we’re offering resets your metabolism and works in concert with exercise restrictions. It has been very successful for our patients.”
Why should I join this program?
Research shows that success in losing weight is more easily achieved and sustained in a structured, medically supervised program that creates accountability and a supportive environment.
How was the program developed?
5×5 is the culmination of over 15 years of research and clinical experience using proven approaches to wellness. Developed by a physician using science-based strategies to include the latest in protein supplementation research, this program was formulated to maintain lean body mass and reduce body fat.
Do I have to be a CSPC patient being treating for pain to participate?
No, anyone concerned about their weight can schedule an appointment, so please feel free to share information about 5×5 with friends and family.

Weight Loss 5×5 Coordinator, Marisa Catignani

Marisa C.Marisa joined National Spine & Pain Centers in 2012 to serve as a Medical Assistant and Coordinator for the 5×5 Weight Loss Program. A native of Ohio, Marisa graduated from Miami University (MU) where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Sports Studies. Her academic background and passion for healthy living fuel her efforts to support patients interested in nutrition education and wholesome eating; stress, sleep and exercise management; weight loss; and overall health and wellness.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with 5×5 Coordinator Marisa Catignani, please call 703-914-8000 x 5399.

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