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Stem Cell ARTS offers the nation's most advanced stem cell procedures for hip injuries, osteoarthritis and osteonecrosis & AVN, with a convenient Fairfax, VA location.

Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Injuries, Arthritis and Avascular Necrosis

Advanced stem cell therapy and blood platelet treatments for common degenerative hip conditions and injuries

The human body is made of billions of specialized cells that form specific organs like the brain, skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and bone. Each day these cells go through a degenerative and regenerative process. As older cells die, new cells are born from stem cells with the unique capability of being able to create multiple types of other cells. However, when tissues are injured, the degenerative process exceeds this regenerative process, resulting in structures that become weaker, painful and less functional. While there are several types of stem cells, those that are best at promoting musculoskeletal healing (tendon, ligament, cartilage and bone) are found in bone marrow. These mesenchymal stem cells, or MSCs, are essential to successful patient outcomes and at Stem Cell ARTS, our specialized stem cell procedures are capable of yielding much higher concentrations of these important cells.

Most Commonly Treated Hip Conditions and Injuries at StemCell ARTS

Below is a list of the most common hip injuries and conditions that we treat with stem cells or platelet procedures. This is not an all-inclusive list.

  • Avascular Necrosis
  • Osteonecrosis
  • Bursitis
  • Arthritis
  • Tendinopathy
  • Labral Tear
  • Labrum Tear

2013 Regenexx Hip Patient Outcome Data

hip_outcomes2 Hip Patient Outcome Data

As Regenexx Network Physicians, we’re part of the only stem cell treatment network to publish this type of analysis of patient outcome data. The analysis is made possible thanks to the massive numbers that have been accumulating for years in the Regenexx patient registry.

This patient outcome data is not part of a controlled trial. Every Regenexx Procedure patient becomes part of a registry to track outcomes and any complications. This data is a compilation of patient input to the Regenexx Patient Registry at regular intervals following their Regenexx Procedure.

View This Hip Outcome Data


sd_safetyStem Cell Procedure Safety

Regenexx has published more data on stem cell safety in peer reviewed medical research for orthopedic applications than any other group world-wide. An n=339 stem cell safety paper published in 2011 was named the best of it’s class by independent European researchers last year. In keeping with that trend, this patient infographic of safety data will be included in an upcoming research paper and will focus on the safety and efficacy of 1,104 knee and hip arthritis patients treated with the Regenexx-SD same day stem cell procedure. Based on Regenexx analysis of this treatment registry data, the Regenexx-SD procedure is about as safe as any typical injection procedure.

View the Safety Data Here

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Patient Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Conditions

These non-surgical stem cell injection procedures happen within a single day and may offer a viable alternative for those who are facing surgery or hip replacement. Our patients quickly return to normal activity following their procedure and are able to avoid the painful and lengthy rehabilitation periods that are required following hip surgery to help restore strength, mobility and range-of-motion. Our patients are far less vulnerable to the serious risks associated with traumatic hip surgeries, such as infection and blood clots.

Stem Cell injection procedure utilizes stem cells from your own body’s reserves to help heal the injured area


Fluoroscopy allows doctors to precisely place the stem cells into injured areas

Modern techniques in today’s medicine allows us to withdraw stem cells from bone marrow, concentrate them through a lab process and then re-inject them precisely into the injured tissues in other areas of the body using advanced imaging guidance. Through Fluoroscopy and MSK Ultrasound, we’re able to ensure the cells are being introduced into the exact area of need. When the stem cells are re-injected, they enhance the natural repair process of degenerated and injured tendons, ligaments, and arthritic joints – Turning the tables on the natural breakdown process that occurs from aging, overuse and injury.

How Are The Stem Cells Obtained?

  • HowRegenexxWorksThe human body keeps a supply of stem cells available to help repair injured and degenerated tissues at all times, making it fairly simple to retrieve them for therapeutic purposes.
  • As stem cells remain in reserve, in the marrow cavity of your bones, we have found the easiest place to harvest these stem cells is from the back of the hip area (iliac bone).
  • Procedure is done in the office, under ultrasound or x-ray precision and guidance.
  • Patients lay face down as the doctor thoroughly cleans the area before numbing the skin and bone.
  • A special needle is inserted into the bone to withdraw marrow blood, which contains the stem cells.
  • NOTE: This procedure is not like a bone marrow biopsy nor is it at painful as one. This harvesting procedure is well tolerated by patients and not considered difficult as many patients claim it is not painful.
  • After bone marrow blood is drawn, it is taken to our onsite Regenexx laboratory and centrifuged to concentrate and purify the stem cells while other cells that are not needed are removed, leaving a concentrated sample of stem cells used to help heal your injury.
  • The entire process is done by hand to enable customized designing of the stem cell specimen for your particular injury.
  • A preparation of your concentrated platelets are also gathered at this time for injection into the injury site to release growth factors that “turn on” the stem cells that will later be injected.
  • These platelets are injected again 3-5 days later to keep the stem cells activated and promote additional healing.

Find Out If You Are A Candidate for Hip Stem Cell Therapy

If you are suffering from hip pain, a hip injury, osteoarthritis or AVN, you may be a good candidate for a stem cell procedure. Please complete the form below and we will immediately send you an email with additional information and next steps in determining whether you’re a candidate for these advanced stem cell procedures.

NOTE: If you are not considering travel to the Washington DC area for treatment, click here for a complete list of Regenexx Provider Locations.

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